Fast, Smooth, and Reliable Elevators

The elevators in Capital Bank Plaza were recently modernized and upgraded with the latest technology available in the marketplace. The computerized elevators are quick and dependable, and the ride is smooth. Because of advanced control technology, wait and travel times are very short. Regenerative drives capture unused energy, reducing elevator electricity consumption by two-thirds.

Renovated Elevator Lobbies

Each of the elevator lobbies on every floor has been refinished.

Energy Efficient

The building occupancy remains steady at about 95%; yet, the peak summer kilowatt hours of electricity usage and peak winter therms of natural gas usage have decreased 22% and 28%, respectively, in the past two years when compared to the previous three years. The carbon footprint and tenant’s share of operating expenses have both been reduced dramatically. 

Fiber Optics

Three fiber optic companies provide high-speed Internet service to tenants in the building. Having multiple providers creates redundancy, which helps minimize service stoppage for those who need to stay online continuously. Time Warner also provides service to the building.

Power Backup Generator

The building has an emergency generator for safety needs, but it also serves as a supplement to tenant UPS systems when continuous power to certain equipment, such as a server, is needed.